Our mission is to treat our clients’ businesses with the same intense care and respect that we treat our own. We do everything in our power to provide new and existing entrepreneurs with access to affordable financial and management expertise and we empower our team of professionals to deliver this service in a way that surpasses all expectations.

Upsiid understands our success as a company is a direct reflection of the incredible contributions our team makes to the welfare of our clients. We thoughtfully align the compensation of our team with successful outcomes of our clients.

We also know many of us at Upsiid have been given amazing opportunities in our lives, including uncommon opportunities for mentoring and education. To help others realize their goals, Upsiid is always seeking new ways to give back to our local and global communities.


We will be recognized nationally for our capabilities as active listeners, skilled collaborators, change management facilitators, financial planners, fierce negotiators and objective analysts for the benefit of our clients. Potential team members will seek out Upsiid for employment opportunities due to our high caliber performance and matching high caliber benefits.

As we grow, team members will have access to venture funds to launch new businesses with the support of Upsiid’s infrastructure. We will foster an environment of innovation that does not fear change, but rewards team members who challenge the status quo to improve the lives of our clients and other team members at Upsiid.

Upsiid will provide an inspirational work environment. An environment that rewards thoughtful creativity and high performance for our clients and our firm. Those employees who meet the high caliber goals will receive a 90-day paid vacation for each 7-years of service at Upsiid in addition to our already generous leave policies.

Upsiid endeavors to launch and fund a foundation by contributing a portion of our annual profits. The foundation will benefit financial education for children and adults, and will also fund scholarships for students seeking formal education in entrepreneurship and/or finance.