Our team makes sure we understand you by sharing what we think we know with your team then look for confirmation and/or correction. This is the way we build an exceptional foundation for future analysis and strategy development. We work with your team to identify where Upsiid may provide assistance in the one or more areas of finance, operations, accounting, change management and business development. This process is a collaboration in understanding current processes and needs of your company in conjunction with ideas about best practices from the experienced team of Upsiid.

After we’ve gained a clear understanding and identified the needs of your organization we can then work together to develop the scope of work to be performed. Next is the exciting time of being able to pick different services across multiple disciplines of Upsiid. We then insert the proper talent of one or more executives to execute the proposed initiatives. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the investment required to engage our team with yours. Our compensation is a combination of a monthly retainer and pay for performance. This keeps everyone focused on attaining the mutually defined goals that represent success.

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