We work with companies from start-up to approximately $15 million dollars per year in revenue.

We serve most industries but we always consider whether or not we can add value in your particular situation. If we find we’re not the right fit for your company then we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Upsiid allows you to pick and choose services from one or more areas of our expertise. We then work with you to uncover the exact assistance you need so we can place our part-time executives within your organization for the exact services you require. This way you’re not paying for overlapping skills when aligned with your current team.

We’re glad you’re interested! The team at Upsiid offers a complimentary meeting in person or via web conference so you can explore what we have to offer and we can learn about your company and potential needs.

Upsiid was formed in July of 2015 and has quickly grown to meet the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Although the company was recently formed the team at Upsiid has decades of experience working in all the functional areas where we assist clients.

Many business owners need executive level management but the cost to hire seasoned executives on a full-time basis is either cost prohibitive and/or there is not enough work to support a full-time position. In addition, a business owner may need assistance with finance and business development but hiring two or more employees is not feasible. Upsiid can deliver a team based approach on a part-time basis to meet the need.

Great question! We are not employees nor independent contractors. You are hiring our company just like you would hire any other vendor. For you this eliminates the need to provide benefits or process payroll and pay payroll taxes for our team. This can save you literally thousands of dollars each year.

Some of our services require a contracted term and other services like payroll processing is provided on a month to month basis. We also provide specific short-term project work and long-term consulting agreements. The length of any contract is aligned with the time period it will take to accomplish your goals. We customize all our offerings for each client so let us know what you require and we’ll do our best to work within your needs and offer terms that allow you to cancel services with appropriate notice.

Because each engagement is customized for a business owner’s specific needs the price of services is customized too. Our goal is to work with you to deliver the specific services you need so you’re not paying for services you don’t need all while saving you on benefit costs and payroll taxes. In an effort to provide you will a range of investment for our services, we engage in small projects starting at $500 and payroll starts at under $100 per month but we also serve as an outsourced CFO, Operations and/or Business Development Manager requiring a base fee plus performance compensation for delivering mutually agreed upon outcomes. The cost isn’t a big secret, we just need to know the specifics of your situation and scope of work and then we can provide cost information.

Yes! We have team members who specialize in helping small business owners stay on top of their day to day accounting. We can work with multiple accounting systems and even help implement a new system if needed.

Upsiid builds a state of the art payroll portal that allows you to enter in payroll information, view a pre-process preview and submit for processing from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. Our processor takes liability for the timely filing of all your payroll taxes to make sure you stay in compliance. We also offer a web portal for your employees to view and print paystubs, change demographic information and update withholding information. We also offer time & attendance programs.

Yes! We were built for scenarios like this. Explain your project to us and the level and type of assistance you’re seeking and we’ll provide a custom quote. We help with developing and writing business plans, accounting system training, logo and web design, product sell sheets and the list goes on. We work for you, so let us know what you need and if we have the skill to assist we’ll work with you to match a solution with your project.

Great question! Depending on the scope of work we will come to your business and/or work with you through video conference, phone and email. Many of our client’s project based work can be completed remotely or with minimal in person face to face contact. However, for larger engagements we will have one of our team members work on site for your company. For onsite engagements we currently serve Washington State and the Portland, OR metro area.

No, we are not a recruiting company. Our team is comprised of employees of Upsiid which allows us to hold our team to the highest standards of accountability, honesty, integrity and work ethic. Some outsourced companies use independent contractors to provide services to you but that model reduces their ability to manage quality control. We believe reputation is everything and the best way to protect ours is to hire the best people to serve you.

When we agree to work together you and your company will have access to all of our professional contacts across our organization, including special pricing agreements we’ve negotiated with third party service providers for the benefit of our clients. Our team gets a real rush from helping business owners connect with new opportunities!

The answer is both. Everyone who works at Upsiid are professionals so we allow our team members to work from wherever is most productive for them. This includes their home, at their client’s place of business or in our office located on Budd Bay in downtown Olympia, WA. We hold meetings with prospective clients by appointment only so give us a call or message us to set a time to meet at our office located at 724 Columbia Street NW, Suite 245, Olympia, WA 98501.

You bet! We even offer discounts for non-profits; it’s one of the ways we like to give back to our community. All the services we offer to for-profit businesses are available to non-profit clients at a discount. We can also help plan and execute larger scale fundraisers including helping to secure donations in some circumstances.

We work by appointment because we are working on-site for many of our clients on a regular basis. That being said, we can accommodate almost any schedule. We work with some clients at 5am, others during traditional business hours and yet others we help late into the evening. We are your flexible solution provider so let us know what times work for you and there is an excellent chance we can accommodate you for an initial meeting and/or for ongoing services.

You’re not alone. Running a business and the challenges that come with it are not necessarily meant to be shared with the world. At your request we are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement so you can rest assured our conversation will remain private. If you have other concerns, please present them and we’re sure there is a way to help everyone feel more comfortable.