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Financing your organization can be a tricky proposition. How much capital do we need? Should we raise equity or use debt? What are reasonable terms and where do we find the right financing partners? Once we raise the needed funds what is the most efficient way to put the money to work? Who can help us with positioning our company for meetings with funding partners?

These are all areas where the team at Upsiid can put their skills to work for you. Look to the team at Upsiid to walk you through your options and provide insight into financial structures that allow you to put your money to work efficiently and effectively. We can even help develop and design a professional business plan and pitch deck to clearly convey your value proposition for internal and external use.

When you work with Upsiid regarding your company’s capital related decision making process you’ll be working with a team of experienced financial professionals who can act as your Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on a part-time basis or on a project basis. Either way we can help you gain deeper insight into your financial statements and decision making processes. Our team will also help identify bottlenecks where additional investment may drastically improve production and bottom line profits and help you determine the best source for capital investment in your company. Other main areas where the finance team at Upsiid can provide guidance are:

If you’re seeking to acquire a competitor or new venture the team at Upsiid can help you through the due diligence process including explaining the traditional and non-traditional options for structuring a purchase or sale of a business. We also work with third party attorneys and tax advisors to ensure every base is covered, giving you piece of mind when making a large investment.

If you’re contemplating selling your business, our team can help position your company for sale. Additional value can be created through clarifying the financial standing of a company, documenting processes, procedures and operating guidelines and improving the capital structure. We can even help develop and design a professional business plan and pitch deck to clearly convey your business to internal and external stakeholders.

These are some of the areas where the team at Upsiid can put their skills to work for you. Look to the team at Upsiid to walk you through the areas where we can provide assistance in the area of financial management for your small to mid-sized business.

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The team at Upsiid employs highly skilled accounting and management professionals who service in roles such as Controller and full-charge bookkeeper. We can oversee your accounting department or be your accounting department depending on your needs. Whether you have recently become short-handed or are incorporating a new role, we work with your existing organizational structure to fill in areas where we can add value.

The team at Upsiid has years of experience managing accounting teams and processes. We can be the second set of eyes over your accounting records and internal and external reporting. Upsiid can perform a full evaluation of your current controls, identify key controls, possible weaknesses and improve the control environment of your business. We ensure proper documentation in your Standard Operating Procedures and can improve your financial close processes.

Where Upsiid can help:

Whether you need assistance in a few areas of bookkeeping or full oversight of your accounting staff, we can work with you to fulfill the unique needs of your business. For more information or to set up an in person or web based meeting send us a message.



Upsiid provides an influx of energy combined with experienced executive level operators. Our team energizes companies and assists them with development of best practices across all areas of operations, helping management teams reach new levels of performance. From performance management and operational manuals to executive level coaching the team at Upsiid is ready to work for you.

When you hire the team at Upsiid to assist with operational management your company will get experienced operators who are capable of analyzing complex data points with the goal of informing management of potential operational adjustments and improvements across the organization. This includes areas such as production, pricing, sales, administration and scheduling labor. Your operations manager from Upsiid can even help negotiate contracts with suppliers and monitor delivery of vendor services against the contract.

When you hire Upsiid as an outsourced operations manager we commit to providing feedback and advice based on our best ideas even if those ideas may ‘rock the boat’ or be unpopular. Due to our position of working with your company instead of working as an employee for your company, we can be more forthright and direct regarding our experienced opinion on directives within your business. Our agreement with you is that we’ll always provide objective feedback. This type of honesty can be uncomfortable at times, but if everyone is aiming for the best possible outcomes then respectful vigorous debate and open communication is necessary.

Our team can also assist with developing company specific goals that motivate individuals, teams and the company as a whole. We will then work with you to create a performance review system that rewards the positive behaviors you seek and help identify areas where team members can improve. To help a company’s team members gain deeper understanding into the sought after behaviors the team at Upsiid will work with your employees to document operating procedures and best practices. This documentation in conjunction with performance measurement allows everyone to understand the best ways to move the company in the desired direction.

These are some of the areas where Upsiid can assist small to mid-sized businesses with operations management on a less than full-time basis. If you need assistance in an area not mentioned here please contact us so we can discuss your needs. And always remember you can select assistance in specific areas across all of our services and we’ll build a custom proposal for your specific situation.

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Our team solves the problem of how to afford highly skilled sales teams when a company is newer to market and working on a budget or when launching a new product that requires a project team for market testing prior to hiring a full-time salesforce.

When you hire Upsiid to assist with business development you can say goodbye to high salaries and payroll taxes since we’re your outsourced solution. Our team “puts our money where our mouth is” because we work with a nominal retainer fee with the majority of our compensation being determined by successful outcomes. When you win, we win.

We are selective when it comes to working with business development clients because the majority of our compensation is derived from successful business development and sales outcomes. Our team will review your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities and work with you to develop plans for sustainable and profitable growth. This includes market positioning, pricing, packaging and managing customer expectations across your organization.

Our team will then use our skills and connections to bring your product or service to the target market through multiple methods appropriate for your company. Our team can work with you and other members of your sales team in the areas of defining and executing the sales process, accurate forecasting, compensation structures to motivate the proper activities and developing the team and culture in a way that attracts talent to your organization.

Whether using our team to directly sell your product or service or engaging our executive level sales managers to oversee your existing team, Upsiid has a solution for you. Take your business development to the next level by engaging Upsiid as a part-time executive level sales manager and ‘on the ground’ sales team to grow your business.

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Our change management process begins with our incredible ability to listen. The team at Upsiid will listen intensely to the needs of your company and won’t stop asking questions until we have a full and comprehensive understanding of the problems you face and the changes you seek. Only then will we work with you to develop the process to achieve your goals.

Change management is a complex matter with many moving parts. The team at Upsiid uses a specific process to manage and implement change, including managing multiple change initiatives in different stages of the life cycle.

Make no mistake, change initiatives are complex. Without proper planning and attention to detail during execution, the chances of success are limited. Knowing that setbacks are almost guaranteed, thoughtful planning and commitment to the process will increase your chances of success.

The team at Upsiid will give you the tools you need so you can manage the change process directly with your team. We will help you navigate the complexities along the way and support you in the incredible opportunity to make your company the best it can be. The process isn’t easy, but the rewards of success are stunning!

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